Regen Report

“Keep your vehicles on the road, not in the shop!” 

Reduce Diesel Particulate Filter maintenance 72%, increased fuel efficiency 13%!

You are invited to try Risk Free this easy to install, No chemical, No maintenance Guaranteed solution. It is recommended to install on at least 10 motors to obtain a good average. If you do not like the ECO for any reason return it for a refund. Call or Contact us.


San Antonio Texas Sanitation Diesel REGENERATION Report   

Evaluation of ECO-4 installed on
Diesel Waste-Garbage Trucks.
    In house Diesel REGENERATION Test results to determine installations on Fleet – YES!
Average Regen reduction 72% 

    Increasing Vapor Pressure on Diesel Motors
reduces Particulates, Maint. & Down Time
    Less DEF, DPF & EGR Valve-Cooler Maint.

Cleaner burning fuel can reduce Fuel Consumption (avg. +/-8%)
Easy installation No Chemicals or Maintenance required 
(+/- 20 yr life expectancy)
ROI +/- 30 day’s Thousands of dollars saved annually

PSTA St. Petersburg Florida; since the installation of the ECO-4 Fuel Enhancer system on their Gillig Coach Buses (August 2016)
they have reduced their Buses Forced REGEN Cycles and down time +/- 75%, 8.4% fuel savings.

Added benefit of cleaner burning fuel, a reduction of 75 gallons of fuel per week. (MPG REPORT)

Keeping their Buses on the road, not in the shop!

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