EFT Fuelsaver-Type S


EFT Fuelsaver-inline Type S is a stainless steel component that is secured to the outside of the incoming fuel line. This is suitable for engines up to 90HP

Saves 10% fuel on average

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The BE Fuelsaver is a metal pin a few centimeters long, made of stainless steel. It is fitted in the tank of a motor vehicle or, if necessary, on the fuel supply line and reduces fuel consumption by 6 to more than 20 percent, reduces pollutant emissions by up to 90 percent and improves engine performance.

The metal piece is a vibration carrier that energizes the fuel so that it is broken down into ionized gas chains when burned, resulting in improved combustion and thus also less toxic exhaust gases.

Fuels such as gasoline and diesel are long-chain hydrocarbons that contain not only CH bonds but also CC (black) bonds. At the CC bonds, no oxygen O can attach, so these bonds are found in the exhaust as soot (carbon).

The “BE Fuelsaver” splits the CC bonds in the fuel and the two carbon atoms can now additionally bind with the oxygen O of the ambient air. The additional bonds with the oxygen O lead to an increased gas content and thus reduce the fuel requirement, the needed to move the piston.

Operating instructions
Intended use. This product is a metal pin that attaches to the tank line or is inserted directly into the fuel tank. Installation in the tank must be carried out in a specialist workshop!

security Alert
Damage caused by failure to follow these instructions will void the warranty. For further damages, we do not accept liability! In case of property damage or personal injury caused by improper handling or non-observance of the safety instructions, we assume no liability! In such cases, the warranty/guarantee expires.
Dear Customer, These safety instructions are not only for the protection of the product but also for your own safety and that of other persons. Therefore, read this manual very carefully!

Engine & Fuel
Do not touch the engine and exhaust when mounting! Burning and injury hazard! For fuel, avoid contact with eyes, mucous membrane, and skin. If you feel unwell, seek medical attention immediately! Health hazard! Never spill fuels. Explosion and fire hazard! Trial runs may only be carried out outdoors. Do not inhale fuel vapor and fumes. Fuel is highly flammable. Do not smoke when installing. No open fire! Explosion and fire hazard! The fuel can attack and damage paint and rubber parts.

The BIO-ENERGETIC-FUELSAVER is simply fixed to the fuel supply with the cable ties (see installation instructions) or installed in the tank (best effect). It is suitable for all combustion engines (diesel, petrol). Now you can save fuel costs and help the environment by reducing exhaust fumes. The best way to compare fuel consumption is on a low-traffic route under the same conditions with and without Fuelsaver after 5-6 tank fillings.
– Each pen has a serial number that can be read by the computer.
– For many alternative methods, the function according to scientific criteria is still unexplained. The same applies to the products described here.
1. It is expressly pointed out that the bio-energetic effect of the BIO ENERGETIC Fuel Saver (BEFS) and thus the suitability for the presumed use is reduced or eliminated if it is subsequently removed or damaged before, during or after the introduction, destroyed or manipulated in any other way. The same applies if the BIO ENERGETIC Fuel Saver (BEFS) is improperly introduced or used.
2. Variations in the reduction of vehicle emissions and/or a reduction in fuel consumption are not excluded and in particular, also depend on the individual driving behavior of the motor vehicle driver from climatic conditions and the quality/brand of fuel.
3. The BIO ENERGETIC Fuel Saver (BEFS) is suitable for any combustion engine powered by fossil fuels.
4. For all vehicles with a still running vehicle manufacturer warranty, it is recommended that the vehicle manufacturer (dealer) does not damage the use of the BEFS prior to the entry of the BIO ENERGETIC Fuel Saver (BEFS)




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