ECO systems fuel enhancer


The ECO Fuel Enhancer product line is a proven affordable solution to reducing Pollution and in most cases
Fuel consumption. Each and every vehicle has different results. Our goal is to reduce Hydrocarbon Pollution.

The ECO Fuel System is a sole source patented and guaranteed product that is different than all other in-line fuel enhancers on the market


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ECO Systems Fuel Filter/Enhancers work by increasing the Reid Vapor Pressure
in fuel. The results are a cleaner,
 more efficient burning fuel
(+/-70% less Hydrocarbons, 5%+ fuel savings)

Do you want to reduce DPF Maintenance and fuel consumption?


No RISK! 90 day money back satisfaction Guarantee


• The ECO Fuel System is an inline fuel filter/enhancer that electro-statically
  enhances fuel by increasing its vapor pressure or combustibility.
   The results are a cleaner more efficient burning fuel.

The ECO System® for your application
ECO #2 is for engines up to 5L. 
ECO #4 for diesel engines under 400 HP or gasoline over 5 liter. 
ECO #5 for Diesel over 400 HP. 



• In a majority of cases a fuel savings has been reported. Certified Report (click here

• Diesel RVP         +/- .6% to +/- 1%       (+60%)
• Gasoline RVP     +/- 7.4% to +/- 8.2%  (+10%)

• The ECO System only treats fuel, not an engine. No warranty issues (click here).

• This process helps reduce Black Smoke and Carbon Emissions (Particulates).
 Works on Gasoline, Diesel, Propane, Bio-fuels, Ethanol Blends, and Natural Gas.
• A more complete burn means increased horsepower, fuel efficiency
Reduce Hydrocarbons (40% – 70%+) that are 
released into the atmosphere.
 Reducing Diesel Diesel Regeneration Cycles (REGEN’s) = Less DPF maintenance.

 Installed on thousands of Buses, Trucks, Heavy Equipment, references (click here)


Texas State Grant RFP #02-RO1-27G  (click here)


DOE Clean Air program awards- 2019 award coming soon from Oregon state


  Prove it to yourself

   90 day, No risk satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy you may return it,
No Risk nothing to lose!

      Proper testing procedure; Install +/-10 units, it should take +/-200 miles for a 
      motor to season. Track your reduced Regen Cycles via your ECM report. Track your 
      Fuel Savings at the fuel pump, ECM fuel reading may be averages unless you clear the ECM. This helps high mileage motors run smoother and more efficiently.   


REGEN’s Eating your Budget – Proven solution to the Diesel REGEN problem.


Every time a Diesel Engine goes into a regen cycle it wastes fuel (7-10 gallons) and can take 30-45 minutes to complete. See the results for a fleet of 20 EMS units. We have documented results on all types of motors: Trains, School Buses, Coaches, Trucks, Marine, Gasoline, Propane and CNG. We don’t eliminate regeneration cycles, we reduce the amount and severity. REGEN Cycles are required 40% to 70%+ less often, Forced REGEN’s are almost entirely eliminated. This leads to reduced maintenance costs, reduced fuel consumption and a longer life for expensive parts like Diesel Particulate Filters, EGR Valves, EGR Coolers, and Fuel Injectors.

The ECO Fuel System is a Guaranteed proven solution that has been around for over 14 years (BBB A+ rating). They have been successfully installed on tens of thousands of diesel and gasoline motors around the world. We invite you to do a No Risk test on your fleet. For more information, call or contact us.