Protecting Human Health and the Environment

The mission of EFT LLC is to protect human health and the environment, preserving global habitat and wildlife. We do this by developing and implementing carbon emissions reductions projects, in partnership with local and international stakeholders.

Cutting Edge Technology

We implement technologies to reduce emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases. These pioneering solutions enable clean and efficient energy use and reduce the overall operational cost of fuel.

Innovative Solution

We implement innovative vehicle retrofit technologies to improve internal combustion and reduce emissions, suitable for all types of internal combustion engines and fuels.

Economic, Social and Environment Benefits

Our projects have significant economic, social and environmental co-benefits and reduce mortality and morbidity.

Economic Analysis

Our approach includes an economic analysis of the potential energy savings and co-benefits of reducing emissions of particulate matter, CO, NOx, SOx and carcinogenic pollutants at source, at point of combustion with the implementation of our technologies and procedures, These projects will be of interest to governments, NGOs, municipalities and corporations wishing to improve air quality in cities and reduce CO2 emissions at the same time and reduce dependency on fossil fuels.